Vagabond Pizza will be closed all day March 28, 2018 to host our Spanish Dinner with Lightning Wines

Tickets are sold out for this event.
Stay tuned for details on our next dinner, slated for May 30, 2018.


You know us as the catering company and food truck that brought wood-fired pizza to Abilene.
You've helped us grow and now you can find us in our new home, a full brick-and-mortar restaurant in Downtown Abilene!


  • 2011


    This all started as a way to eat more sausage.

  • 2012

    Began Catering

    You mean people will pay us for this?

  • 2013

    First Food Truck Stops

    Without the Winery at Willow Creek, we may never have kept moving.

  • 2016

    Restaurant Opened

    We got the doors open June 10; thank you Abilene!

Restaurant Info

  • 325-268-4321
  • 1056 N 2nd St,
    Downtown Abilene